Did You Know.......photos matter!

Dated: September 15 2022

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Original photo                                    Cropping the photo makes all the difference        

So you have been thinking about selling your home for a while. The market has softened but you finally have the opportunity to get the promotion you have been wanting, and it means you will be selling your home and moving out of state. How do you choose a listing agent? The market has changed and homes definitely don't "sell themselves" at this point. Marketing time is longer and advertising the home is going to cost more. Sometimes that can cause a listing agent to cut corners and decide to take their own photos, probably with their smart phone. Maybe that agent always used their phone and thought it was "good enough". It isn't. Hiring the right agent to sell your home can mean thousands of dollars are on the line, not because of their fee, but because their desire to save a few dollars means your home doesn't show as well. And that can mean fewer people will come to see it in person. And fewer buyers often means a lower sales price. Ask prospective listing agents to show you their listing photos, and if those photos don't knock your socks off, keep looking! Don't settle, who you hire matters.

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Melia Campbell

I have been serving the Yuba Sutter area as a real estate professional since 1998.  I love working with first time homebuyers, as well as military families looking to relocate or retire.  Move up bu....

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Did You Know.......photos matter!

        Original photo                                    Cropping the photo makes all

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